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«Argumenty i Fakty» («AiF») is the largest and most popular weekly publication in Russia and leads the Russian press abroad. «AiF» has 32-64 pages in the .

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AIF Europa / Argumenty i Fakty Europa, Висбаден. 17644 likes · 2 talking about this. Европейская редакция еженедельника " Аргументы и Факты" Russian.

Argumenty i Fakty is a weekly newspaper based in Moscow and a publishing house in Russia and worldwide. As of 2008, it was owned by Promsvyazbank and .

Argumenty i fakty (ven. Аргументы и факты) on viikoittainen venäläinen aikakauslehti. Lehti on yksi Venäjän sekä IVY-maiden luetuimpia ja sen lukijamääräksi .

(Mean- while, the Transylvanian Diet that was reconvened in Nagyszeben (today Problemy Іstorii'i' Ukrai'ny – fakty, sudzhennja, poshuky (2007) 16: 104–115; for Transcarpathia.23 The second line of argument (especially in the 1920s) Its Hungarian-language paper was the Munkás Újság. Election results in the .

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